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Raapa 1 Hui Tangauru

Wednesday 1 February

What a wonderful start we had today with 31 keen, organized and slightly nervous people piling into Room 11, ( and that included the teacher).

It was wonderful to see the focus and enthusiasm that shone out today. I know we have a fantastic bunch of learners who will embark on giving learning its "best shot" even if we have some hiccups along the way!

We had a Powhiri today at 10.15am. Thanks to Anton Seuseu for speaking on the schools behalf and for Paul for his address to the new members of NPS

Today's learning was:
Following instructions and so we unpacked our stationary figuring out what sort of learner we were and sharing that information on our desk name-tag

Listening skills and sharing two treasures WE had in our kete of learning

AND Kauri assembly where we had introductions and discussions about the  expectations of the mighty Kauri Team.                                  e

What type of learner are you?

Working on our name ta…