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Raapa 1 Whiringa- a-nuku

Wednesday 1 November

What a busy day!

Twin Chess badge winners. If anyone finds James's badge please return it to him. He misplaced it today.

Genga fever!

Ready to go and knock the judges dead!

"Gymn monkeys". Thanks Mel Norris!!

Individual Gymnastics competition. Tomorrow it is the team competition. Good luck everyone!

Mr Jukes was in while I had release. They continued with their insects.

Raapa1 Whiringa-a-rangi

Wednesday 1 November

Last night I had the pleasure of going to Northcote Point to do the Halloween trail. What an amazing community event. There were so many children and adults out visiting, scaring and enjoying a carnival atmosphere.

The decor and imagination were fabulous with the downs family "open home" just a treat for everyone.

No wonder the families look forward to this very special event.

Ghostly encounter!!!! Mrs Batty Dixon and Halloween creatures!

Lisa (who would recognise her) and Aaliyah. Creepy, in the nicest way!!!!!!

We had only one trick or treater so godies were all for ME!

Ava, Amelia, Coco and Poppy

Last years gorgeous girls!

Patel family and friends

Fun games


Carnival side shows


Free popcorn and Candy floss stall
Ratu 31 Whiringa-a-nuku

Tuesday 31st October

Today the gymnastics team went to North Harbour to have a practice before the individual competition tomorrow and the team event on Thursday. They had a great time. Thanks Mel and the parents who helped transport the kids.

We read The Guardian of the bridge and talked about our own "guardian" kaitiaki. This is what several groups had done in Maori Language week with Mrs Leaf several years ago. We decided to make our own Kaitiaki.

Written Language was cinquains. Here is the format.

Several of our children from school are part of the Moth and Butterfly Trust,

e all helped last year and will do the same next year. Can you help?

Watch them fall!

The boys who are making Jenga trails.

Isi and Toa are humming along with their reading

Jig saw bits go together to make????