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Ramere 31 Poutu-te -rangi

Friday 31 March

The children enjoyed the swimming competition and were pleased that they had gone. I love their "give it a go " attitude.

Don't forget your box for your diorama.

I came to school with wet hair. Emma took photos at 8.15am. By 9.00am my hair was dry.
The kids came up with the answers as to how this had occurred. They made some great connections!.

No hair driers were used in this experiment!

We blew on the cool window and saw the water vapour.

We even videoed it!

We boiled water and saw the gas or water vapour going from liquid to a gas and back to a liquid when it touched the cool glass lid and the cold metal pot lid.
We saw the gas escape from the pot with the lid, just like water vapour does from our class.

We made 6 equal pots of water and put them in 6 places. 1 in the sun, 1 in the shade, 1 in the wind in the garden, 1 in the pool where it is humid, 2 in the cupboard. 1 is inside a plastic bag. We'll see what happens over t…
Raapa 30 Poutu-te-rangi

Thursday 30 March

Information from Photolife for each child in Room 11on how to order photos is coming out in Thursday's NewSheet.

Each child has a unique shoot key code so it is essential you have the correct slip for each child. I am handing those out tomorrow.

Parents will have free delivery of orders until SUNDAY 23 APRIL. These orders will be delivered to school. After that time they can still order photos but there will be a delivery charge.

It was wonderful to see so many Room 11 children being involved in the interschool swimming competition.
These amazing people are going to have a wonderful time doing something really exciting.
Maggie, Dom, Noah, Pippa,Tara and Pippa.

Maths in Room 11 this week.

We had Te Whare today as Miss Pearson from Room 15 had to go to the swimming competition.

Scratch art in Te Whare.
We noticed that in the Bays, there was a small river carrying silt and clay into the school drains.  We were horrified at the amount of clay t…
Rapare 29 Poutu- te -rangi

Wednesday 29 March

Tomorrow is the swimming interschool Sports.

Assessment week has started. Today we did Reading Comprehension.

Star assessment done, Reading taking place, maths and spelling to do.

Toa and Isi showed the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly in a diagram way.
The rest of us wrote the life cycle from a caterpillar's perspective or in actual real time sequence.
Everyone is very poor at using Capital letters and full stops. This is a basic Rubric 3 step and the children need to be on Rubric 4 or 5 to be At standard. I am going to focus on this for most akonga as the year 2 children who come to shae their writing with me are very skilled and can quickly spot the errors in our writing.

The students took these pictures for the blog. Ask your child whether the butterfly is male or female and how they know.
Room 12 had their very complex Assembly today. It was great with singing, music and dance as well as what learning has been going on.

We also lo…
Ratu 28 Poutu-te-rangi

Tuesday 28 March

Pat assessment starts this week. This shows us what children know and what they need to learn. It helps us with our planning and teaching and children with their goal setting.

It was great hearing from Noah and Emma who had been away. Thanks for your talk and photos.

Noah has walked the Able Tasman track and Emma has been to Germany.

In the middle of our Star PAT Reading assessment, the caterpillar started to change to a chrysalis. Lucky Lotta saw it! This was stage 1 then it dropped its skin and shrank before becoming a chrysalis.

James killed a wasp that was attacking the caterpillars in the garden.
Look how dark our other ones are. We read Pig hunting out loud. We are all very nice roral readers. Then we answered Literal questions from the text and answered one of our friends questions. Literal questions required you to be a great detective and skim and scan for the information once you have read it.
When your child is reading try asking your…