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Raapa 1 Poutu-te-rangi

Wednesday 1 March

Is there a parent or two who can help with a couple of hours on the Monday of camp week to come with us to the Birkenhead leisure centre to make up the ratio? It is Monday 9.30 to 2pm. Email me if you can please.

Tents please tomorrow!

Today was the stressful job of arranging activity groups and sleeping arrangements for camp. We have done that with a few shuffles to be done no doubt as children who are away, return to school.

Camp meeting is tonight in the hall.

Maths was a focus on children practicing their times tables. It is a must that they do this as part of their home learning. To be at stage 6 the children need to know all their tables. Fractions, multiplication, division are all dependant on tables basic fact knowledge. Please  do your best to have  your children confident at them over the next three months.

We looked at why the D.O.C are sending us scrubbing brushes and a blue mat containing a special liquid to camp. The clue was kauri…
Ratu 28 Hui-tanguru

Tuesday 28 February

Don't forget it is March tomorrow!

There is a Camp meeting at 6pm to go over the risk assessments for camp. If you are a parent help for  camp, please come.

A man has attempted to grab an 11-year-old girl on her way to school in Auckland, according to police. Detective Inspector Scott Beard said a man tried to abduct the girl in St Heliers between 8am and 8.20am today. "A man had been following the victim for around 200 metres on St Heliers Bay Rd."When she arrived at school the man has come up from behind her and grabbed her. She has managed to break free and has run into her school."

Please just remind your children about what to do about people who approach them.

Today was the Takapuna cricket club annual tournament. It was a fantastic well organized event. The Westlake boys sports academy did the umpiring and we all enjoyed the event. They even had a sausage sizzle and drinks!

The girls came first and won cricket gear for t…
Rahina 27 Hui- tanguru

Monday 27  February

Tomorrow I am taking 8 children to Takapuna cricket club for a tournament. There is a reliever in Rm 11. Please ensure your child has dark shorts, white top, shoes, hat food and drink for the day.

Thursday  2nd is the day we practice putting up our tents at 11.30am on the bottom field. Parents are welcome to come and help.

With the lead up to camp we had the St Johns school based instructor come in to work with our children. They gained a lot of basic first aide knowledge that will aid them when they go to camp where they will practice their skills.

Here they are practicing rolling a parent over to ensure they don't choke on their vomit.

Ask what these letters stand for. Doctors AB and sometimes C.

                                                     Mac teaching them what to do for a ...

What do you do when your friend has a...

Nosebleed first aide has change too.

For Written Language we had to use our creativity to draw the key ideas for …
Ramere 24 Hui-tanguru

Friday 24 February

It was lovely to meet all the families last night at parent interviews. I enjoyed getting your aspect of your child and how they thought and coupling it with mine. It's been a very short month of school where we have to get to know everyone (30 is quite a few) and marry this up with the Learning focus of being an active learner.

There has been a lot of discussion around this aspect of school life and now camp is a week and a bit away, the pro gramme really has a change of tack.

Next week we have first aide training and putting up the tents on Wednesday on the bottom field. If your child is sleeping in a tent please check it over and send it on Wednesday with them. It's part of the checking out and team building part of the "key competencies".

Tuesday I am away with the cricket teams at Takapuna.

Here are the teams. We leave at 8.10 am and are back before the end of the day.

Today we watched the TV 1 news from Room 12. We found we…