Ratu 17 Whiringa-a nuku

Tuesday 17 October

The holidays were a lovely break. I could stop to smell the flowers, plant my garden, hang with the "girls"and walk the beautiful beaches.

Then there was school work!

Mr Fats in my kowhai.

Dolly bird.
Girls gifts!

I spent 3 afternoons in school cleaning up the mess after the bells, fire alarms and sprinkler systems had been done. This was after 2 cleans by the professional cleaners!What a mess but it's great to be health and safety compliant.

Soon we will have courts and be able to be a Breaker again!

Inquiry is Immigrants to NZ.

Thanks Lisa's Dad who won these for NPS at a table tennis competition he entered. He was a winner!

Athletics Day at Takapuna is in week 6. We are starting training for it.

The few people on the field created a fuss. 29 children all told. The kids decided to write letters to Mrs Bartlett to ask if everyone could use the field like we had done in Term 1. We started drafting our arguments today. We used this structure and brainstormed our reasons.

Yesterday James found a chess set and lots of people wanted to learn to play chess. Cruz and James helped teach us and then we went onto a chess site and played against the computer and each other. We even used the 2 chess sets we borrowed from the library. We loved it!

The end of the day flew in!


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