Rapare 26 Whiringa-a- nuku

Thursday 26 October

Today we had Athletics practice on the field. We used the shot, discus and high jump.

Thanks to Lisa we saw it all in action. High Jump uses the scissors kick and even though we have ours very low, at the Takapuna Athletics ground there is a large safety mat.

After that we had our reading and maths PAT assessments.

Hard at work. showing me all those Learner Qualities of thinking and answering, determination and reflection.

James won his chess badge today. We all were so pleased for him. I like the way Cruz celebrated Jame's success. Fabulous determination on James  behalf to keep working towards his goal of improving in chess.

Bay Blades are passing, Chess is still hot, colouring mandalas is hot, Games on the field are a treat and Jenga is IN!

In the afternoon we returned to our Written Language to pick up where we left off with our Rainbow poems.

We used a previous experience as the subject.
We all loved doing it and making our experiences come to life with our images.

Tomorrow is dance with Michael. We have talked about dance etiquette and we can't wait.


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