Raape 25 Whiringa- a- nuku

Wednesday 25 October

Life is frantically busy at present. We are starting the assessment cycle. It requires marking and logging onto the computer. This also sits alongside teaching and starting to write reports.
Sorry that the blog is a bit haphazard at present.

We are assessing Gloss Maths strategies, IKAN Maths knowledge, PAT Maths, Reading Star assessment, Reading Comprehension and a writing sample. This along with class work and teacher observation, gives us the overall teacher judgment and gives us the report comments and ability to make a National Standard call.

We finished our letters to Mrs Bartlett about the field roster. They did a fantastic  job. We are finishing them today and giving them to her. Hopefully she will read them and that will help her make a call on whether the field roster will or not continue.

We are learning to tell the time using clocks.

These are the times we are doing this week.

Written Language is using descriptive language. These are our different words to describe a colour.

Here we are looking at me model how to write it and expand on our ideas to make our images vivid and descriptive.

Wow factor selfie!

James helped me with duty yesterday. He is wanting to start peacinators again so he has talked to Mrs Blundell and Miss Jones about starting it again.

We loved Room 16's assembly so we made them a card to say how good it was!


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