Raapa 18 Whiringa-a-nuku

Wednesday 18 October

Chess is a big thing in Room 11.If you are interested the form this is the form.

Maths today in Room 11 was subtraction. This is the equal addition method of teaching it.

If you add the same number to each side of the equation it doesn't change the answer. If you make one side up to be a "tidy ten" then it is easier to subtract.

So add 2 to each side.
jump up in tens from 37
37, 47, 57, 67, 77 plus 3= 43

or 80-40=40+3=43

The gloss example was there were 143 calves on the farm and 89 went into the shed. How many were NOT in the shed?

plus one to each side=
144-90= ??????

Inquiry directions. As part of who we are we are taking the time to discuss who we are in class. Today we heard from Anshu and Aaliyah who celebrate Diwali. We read the book and are going to have a D
iwali day tomorrow.

We are practicing for Athletics already. Today was running and relay baton exchanging.

Thanks to the Kapa haka group, teachers, Jack Mahan and Anton Seuseu for leading the powhiri today for new teachers and students.

Cruz showed us his target shooting cutout. He was a sharp shooter. Also we saw his fantastic photos

Someone wanted to know about the bible. Amazingly we had one in the school!

Mr Jukes came in while I was on release. The children are going to make insects from clay and wire and then paint them, 

Drafts of their insect.

Today we were part of a crime scene. I stole a bear from Room 9 and this was the evidence. A size 7 shoe, a person who loves porridge, and of course the evidence in Room 11! All I wanted was a hug!


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