Ramere 15 Hakihea

Friday 15 December

What a last fun week we have had. No doubt you will have heard about pool parties, "Go home, Stay Home" , Hampsterball, dodgeball and games such as "Wink murder," "Beat master,""Honey, if you love me then give me a kiss", and 2 truths and a lie". It has been a lovely week to enjoy each others company and have that end of school "feel good" factor.

I've loved seeing past pupils and sharing your lovely children. They have been a wonderful class and i am sorry to see each and every one of them go onto bigger, brighter things!

Have a wonderful, safe Christmas and treasure all those family moments.

These were a few last minute snaps.

Our christmas crossword and word search.

Team work gets things done.

Chess winners!


Mo day!

Love the staunch look!

My mascara put to good use.

You are our Athletic super star!

Fun times!


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