Raapa 16 Hui-tanguru

Thursday 16 February

Our latest technology update, a NPS online shop.

Please email Maria Wharepouri (Dom’s Mum) with your child’s name,  your name, email, mobile and permission to print a class list off for a phone tree.  You details will only be used by Maria to seek help during FONS fundraiser or school events. Maria's email address is miamouse@xtra.co.nz

Mini-ballers trials at lunchtime on Friday 17 at school if it is fine. Please meet in the hall with your lunch.

This morning we had Te Whare as we had swapped for our camp visit. Thanks Miss Seales for your help with Maori.

We started writing our Poem about ourself based on a format. The kids love this and enjoy telling others about themselves.

Even though swimming has moved to Monday we still went swimming at lunchtime as the akonga (students) were keen to have a change of scene on this very wet day!

Some children read about the bees as there were some concerns about NZ bees and Killer Bees from South America. Lotte is going to give a presentation to us as she is an actual beekeeper!

She even gave me some honey from her hives.

Reiya and Anshu are researching how to make paper origami flowers to entertain us if it's wet tomorrow. They will give us a lesson after reading the journal and practicing at home.

Today we saw the play, Stone Soup. Thanks guys.

Isi, Toa and Logan.

As if that was not enough we had our first music lesson. Voice and body percussion and then got out the boom sticks to beat the beat!

Notated Boom sticks.

Making body noises

It was noise but fun!


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