Rapare 24 Here-turi-koka

Thursday 24 August

Happy birthday Cruz! Thanks for the lollipops.

MRs Leaf's daughter tirakahurangi Leaf featured in this article about Maori Students sharing their culture in Canada. Her reponses made me so proud of her!

Our slime sales were so appreciated by the Red Cross we got this certificate and a You tube clip.

Today for reading we read the Lucky escape, discussed how to solve unknown words and how to use a dictionary.

The helping table.

Working hard to use a dictionary quickly.

Maths was "be Fair, be fair" or equal addition.
These guys got it sorted with the help of the number frame.

add 2 to each side
45-30= 15

Mrs Dixon got grumpy because we were just so excited to be doing badminton in the hall and we wouldn't listen!

Isi and Toa are practicing to read to their wet day monitoring class on Monday! They are reading smoothly and with expression!

Mrs Bosch came in with her son Tony. He was is so dyslexic but has gone on to do wonderful things at college. He gets Excellents and we are all so proud of his strategies that have him be a great learner even though he has trouble spelling! A fantastic role model that dyslexia does not have to hold you back if you are determined to succeed! 


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