Rahina 13 Whiringa-a- rangi

Monday 13 November

The  three women from the Education Review office are in visiting school. We had a welcome for them. It was not a powhiri as we had no-one to call them onto "Our Marae". They will be here until Thursday.

I bought this new beautiful book to help with our inquiry

This is where we trace our roots to.

Our stories have gone in to Mrs Arthur  to be turned into a book.
Thanks Emma and Lucy Francis for the cover.

We are reading the plays that Mrs Dixon got in order to read and perform one to the class. We will need to be fluent, expressive, loud and connect with the audience to be successful.

Isi and Toa are writing their own with Mrs Dixon one finger typing it!

There were plays for every occasion!

Maths today was reveision of the time and things connected with the calendar.

Writing our poems from the playground.

This was our model.

These are our poems about the building construction zone..

Some of the coding club went to Torbay to teach them coding and how to use the Makey, makey equipment.

Thanks Miss Pearson.

Look at what we won! Tee shirts, ear-phones and drink bottles. We were amazing and NPS were so proud of your skills.

Lucky Book club order forms are out today.


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