Ratu 5 Hakihea

Tuesday 5 December

Hi Christmas countdown is happening. I even put my tree up in the weekend. A hodgepodge of colours that go back for years as I buy 2 glass if possible decorations a year.

Fun Day

On Tuesday 12th December we are going to walk down to the bridgeway to see the movie "Wonder". It will be a gorgeous film if the trailers are anything to go buy. Please don't take your child to see it beforehand so that it will be a Fun Day treat.

Year 6 Leavers BBQ

Dear Parents of Year 6 Children,

It is a fun tradition at NPS that we have a BBQ get together for our leaving Year 6 children and their families.

When: Monday 11 December
Time: 5.30pm – 7.00pm
What to bring:  Your own picnic dinner and drinks, water pistols, water balloons…
Who can come: Year 6 children and family

We will provide a BBQ sausage for each person attending and there will be some soft drinks and water available.

Our Year 6 children will all receive a ‘Leaving’ certificate and a small gift at this celebration to acknowledge their time at Northcote Primary School.

See you there!


Sheriden, Lisa, Robyn, Caroline and Zac

Pool Party and shared healthy lunch on 13 December 

Our dress rehersal sounded lovely today. See you Thursday  at 6.30pm

Today we have worked hard on our Year book pages. Some people will need to finish theirs at home.


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