Raapa 17 Haratua

Wednesday 17 May

Sorry, there was no blog yesterday we had a very long and involved Professional development Team Meeting on "Learner Qualities" with Kate de Groot.

How to teach children to go from Good to Great learners through the use of such things as :thinking, being determined, having self awareness (how you are impacting on others as well as yourself to learn better) adapting to circumstances, reflecting on what is happening and how you can improve your learning, connect ( how what you alreadu know can help you know something you didn't know or realise, and question ( beactive in your learning by asking, answering, wondering).

Level 1 of Te Aho Arataki Maori the Maori curriculum for Year 1 to 13.

Part of our Curriculum is Te Reo Maori. This document has all the components that we are to teach at Primary school.

We are starting testing to confirm children are on track across the subjects of reading, writing and Maths. This is the Gloss test sheet where we record strategies that children use to solve equations,

Such as 1/2 of 14 lollipops, 1/4 of 16 cakes. 

I have 53 nails but i need 76. How many more will i need to buy?

There are 82 hens and I buy 119 more. How many will I have altogether?

There are 314 grapes but 91 are rotton, how many are good?





Schnapper and eels.

Making our sea creatures for our play.

The Rippa kids had a great time.

Our talented girls who wrote the play script for the class. We are going to show Learner qualities and reflect on this to see if we can improve it or if it's terrific as is.

Successful group leaders and teamies.

Reading and wriitng in groups.

The stories were fabulous with great language and super structure.

Reading today was to use synonyms to improve our reading and writing. We rewrote The Very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carl from our book week work.

Isi read and videoed himself reading.

It was Room 1s Assembly. Ours is on May 31st.

We danced at the end of the day as we had sat being a wonderful audience.


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