Ramere 5 Haratua

Friday 5 May

Hockey practice was on for some of our Year 5 and 6 players and they were buzzing about the fun that they had up at Northcote College on their sand turf.

On May 26 we have our Cluster day sports exchange. The children have chosen their sport and have been put into teams. Everyone has chosen to play something.

The purpose is to have a go at a game without having to commit to it. Several hockey players have joined the team due to playing in the cluster day last year.

It doesn't matter who the children play with, as long as they have fun on the day. We will be looking for parents to help out on the day.

Hoodies are back as a fundraiser. Contact the office or see the newsletter for details.

For p.E we played several games, ran for fitness and then finished off with dodgeball.

Maths was revision for Room 11. I showed them how I could see their Mathletics scores and those who had been on as well as those who had not. This is a great tool. Your child should be doing at least 3 sessions a week.

After lunch was reading with the L.I being inference in a non fiction text.

The afternoon was sorting out the cluster teams for May 26.
Have a wonderful weekend. 


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