Rapare 4 Haratua

Thursday 4 May

During Writing today we had Miss Lee come to observe us learning how to Peer/ Buddy assess. We need to do this to reflect on what we have done, ( did we meet the Learning Intention) and if we have. Then we had to find the evidence in our work that we understood and had used the sentence starters that would make our writing more interesting and cover the things that a Year 5 and 6 should have to meet National Standards.

This week we have been doing a recount.
The Learning intention was to use good sentence starters. This was my model for them to understand what made a good piece of writing. We then identified the good starters

Slowly, I emptied the water from the fish tank carefully pouring it down the sink. Little crumbs of dirt and decaying leaves swirled menacingly about in the bottom as if some miniature beast had had a fearsome, ferocious feast underwater.Suddenly there was a swirl and splash. The yellow slimy amphibian leapt from the soupy sludgy water onto the bench! Never before had such a leap occurred. I gasped in horror.
Frantically I swooped a small round plastic bowl under its wriggling, writhing belly. Hooking it up I quickly looked around. Where was I GOING TO PUT IT?

Self and Buddy Assessing.

Reading was a more complex piece of inference writing. Most people found it so much easier today after yesterdays lesson. They were able to highlight the key words that made them infer.

We read a great book and felt proud we were thinking about our book week costume.

Lunchtime cards.

Reading before I take a running record.

Room 11 maths adding strategy.

Hooked on Mathletics. Some people didn't want to play at lunchtime they loved it so much.

New Student leaders

                                                                     All of our Student Leaders

Room 10 lead the Kauri Assembly.

These people are trialling for the Literacy Quiz.

These people made Basketball Rep teams. Well done Lisa!


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