Rapare 3 Haratua

Wednesday 3 May

It was a busy old day today but luckily the weather stayed fine and we could get outside and have some exercise. I miss not having time to walk every day and so that's why we do fitness every day to burn off those "bugs" and make our spirits soar.

Please start using mathletics. It is a fun way to improve our maths which we actually need to do and have fun. Everyone in my class is on and today we had a meeting till five to get the work up for the children. To have been given a pass you need to get 85% right. I can see who has done what and their scores and who has been busy and not had time or equipment to go on. If your child has misplaced their Password or user name I have a copy at school .

We noticed an increase in the building work.

We went out for fitness and watched a science experiment. Thanks McComb boys!

It was the coke and menthos experiment. Fun times!

It was a shame someone shook the bottle and the gas was not enough to propel the coke as high as the one they did in their garden. It was huge. We watched it on Facebook.

hayley and Emma are writing a fabulous story about a naughty whale! I can't wait for them to finish it.

People are bitten by the writing bug and playing cards at break.

We are on Assembly on May 31st and are starting to think about what we would like to do and show.

For the Squares, Maths today was adding on 1, 10, 100 and basic facts and place value. It was a great lot of learning that took place today.

For the Circles they used fast basic fact recall, place value and understanding of the numbers of groups of 10 to solve complex problems using a good place value strategy.

268+ 174=
60+70= 130


It is essential that the kids can explain and be able to do it in their heads to be at Stage 6.

For reading today we worked on Inference questions at a what and how level. We had to find the key words that helped us answer the inference question. Some of us found it easy and some needed help.

My helping table worked so hard and did a great job.


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