Raapa 2 Here-turi-koka

Wednesday 2 August

Today yoyos appeared at school. They are a great thing to teach the NED concept. Never give up, encourage others to stick at it and be determined to do your best.

Spike bought in a different way to achieve these concepts. He is egg sitting "Jimmy".

Emma read out her "Mysterious egg" story. Thanks Benji for holding it so she could use voices to explain who each character was. It was rated as a great narrative! Well done Emma!

Reading today was "making connections" between two different texts. We had Mrs McKenzie come and watch us learn. We were stunning of course! We learnt that to make connections you had to link ideas together and to ask yourself , " I remember when..

My experience…

It reminds me of something I heard or in a movie this happened... 

I felt like the character when….

When I read about …. 

A book I read was similar to this…

I know that because of …"

Toa is bitten by the "writing bug" and wants to write at home. He even has some goals sorted! Go for it, we think you are a star!

In Maths today my class was learning to solve doubles and tricky equations using algorithms.

This is our strategy which we found easy to learn!

Can you help practice these at home?

Lots of us are editing and peer assessing our Motor mower robot rampage story. Well let you know how they are when we are done.


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