Rapare 11 Haratua

Thursday 11 May

Tomorrow is our Book Parade. Don't forget to come dressed in costume.

Todays visiting authors were Norm Heke and Julie Naonao. They flew up from Gisbourne to visit our school. We had a Whakato to welcome them to NPS.

They showed us their traditionally inspired musical instruments and played them too.


flax, stones

Bones, conch shells, flutes, bird whistle, Ralph made the big shell instrument sound out.

Spinning potakas from wood and bone.

Gourds and potterey flutes

Nose flutes

Harakeke snail shell whistle.

In conjunction with our Maori visitors we made crafts from their book.

Making our waka huia.

Their lovely book. We found out how to made our waka hui from following the instructions in their book.

Waka Huia.

                                                     Norm Heke's own amazing photography.

Dawn McMillan sent us this lovely message after her visit.
‘What a great time I had with your children. Thanks so much for organizing the visit. A reminder to the teachers – I’m happy to answer further questions via email. Maybe Skype. Whatever suits. Perhaps I could be adopted by Northcote as their author! I often come to stay just up the road so that would work well.’

Maths in room 11 was rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 so it is easy to add numbers together.
148+ 49=

150+ 50=200-3=197


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