Rahina 22 Haratua

Monday 22 May

Our assembly is May 31 at 1.45pm

Are there any parents who can help with the cluster day May 26th? We would be very grateful for parents to assist on the day 11am to 2pm.

We have nearly finished our amazing rewritten story " The very empty caterpillar". Emma is the organizer of the pages and art work.

Working hard to make the book.

Spike using pictures to write his story now he has finished it.

 The Santa Butterfly.
In the shade of the tree a bright little egg lay on the bottom of a leaf.
One sunny day a little caterpillar rose from the bright, pearl egg.
Suddenly he became really peckish so he started to look for some delicious fruit.
He saw some juicy pineapple and started to eat through it, but he was still peckish.
Eventually he ate through a ripe pineapple, but he was still hungry.
The next day he ate through two watermelons but he was still starving.
On the following  day he ate through three oranges but he was still feeling very hungry.
Next day he gobbled up five salty chips but he wasn’t full yet.

On Christmas Eve he munched up one cookie, one turkey, one Christmas pudding,
one candy bar and then he got a stomach ache The next day he gobbled a crunchy, brown leaf.

Soon he went to open his presents. When he opened the first one it turned him
into a Santa butterfly and now he works for Santa by delivering presents!

By Sophie, Sam, Spike, Toa

For written Language we are using a "child friendly" search engine to find information, skimming and scanning, and sorting and categorizing information.

We are heading towards a written Information Report. This structure will help when the children start speech writing. 


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