Rahina 8

Monday 8 May

Don't forget to get your book Week costume sorted.

Hi, There is an article in the newsletter about ordering Hoodies at $45. If you were like me and was dithering, they are available with a personalized printed logo on the bottom as from now. THANKS FONS!

Next week is Book Week. We are shifting Maths to 10am so we can hear the authors and librarians who are coming everyday to work with us. Please help your child work out what they are wearing for the Grand Parade on Friday12th.

Some people have bought home a small list of spelling words. I would love these Essential List words to be learnt as we will be doing a buddy test on Fridays. This would help their written language immensely.

It was great to see so many people are starting Winter sport. Go for it!

Dodgeball is one of our favourite games.

My early birthday present.Chicken Palace.
It was Ralph's birthday today. It sounds as if was such a lucky ten year old!

Marie Sullivan from the Northcote library. She came to talk to us and what a joy it was.

What book is this?

What book is this?

What book is this?

What book is this?

After our non fiction inference text we created our own What is this book titles.

Thanks for coming you are always so well organized and your books are so well chosen.

Maths was using abacus to see the place value in order to add numbers together.

The Extra for Experts in Room 11  could do this one.

658+ 367=


we had Mrs drought come and read to us after morning tea.

This afternoon we  went and looked at the Scholastic book display for book Week and played our chime bars.

Another busy day at NPS.


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