Rahina 15 Haratua

Monday 15 May

There's lots of great reading going on. Our infering and reading aloud is lovely. Lots of children are so courageous to read to everyone. Great work everyone!

Music in Room 11.

Elliot strumming his stuff.

The fabulous Maori couple who popped i last week left us with small pipes to practice blowing a tune by blowing on the side of your mouth and putting your finger over the end to change the tone. So many of the boys were really successful.

Look at one method  of how we teach adding and subtracting by rounding up. 

Maths in Room 11. Rounding to the nearest 5 or 10 to solve an equation.

My "horsesome" book week horse now parked up. What fun it was.

Reading our library books. Everyone should be reading longer books and sustaining a book over a time period. This is part of being "at Standard".

Book week books that were such a hit with everyone.

These "sophisticated picture books" had a serious message behind them as well as being a great story.


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