Raapa 5 Paengu-Whawha

Wednesday 5 April

 We are running for fitness. Winter sport needs us fit and cross country does too. Look at us go!

At morning tea we amused ourselves as it was wet outside.

For Maths we played a Place value game.
Make the smallest numbers with the numbers on the screen.

For reading we read a level 3 text called The Butterfly effect. Some people have bought it home to share with you.

Get your child to retell you the story using the pictures as a prompt.

Benji's shoes are made of recycled bottles. What a way to reuse plastic waste. We also looked at the bottles Barfoot and Thompson gave us to see if they were BPA free and looked at the you tube clip of where so much of the Worlds plastic ends up.

For Written Language we used a you tube clip to find out how to make a Recycled plastic bottle terrarium that uses the Water Cycle to provide the water for the plants.

We looked, discussed, used our knowledge of the Water Cycle and understood how this could be possible.

We then wrote using an Instructional genre how to do it and added diagrams for added information. Our Learning intention was to use the correct punctuation.

We looked to see if our experiments had evaporated???? after the weather we had had.

Room 13 ran Kauri Assembly and these are our new Student Leaders.


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