Rahina 1 Haratua

Monday 1 May

I have to confess I was nervously excited about the start of Term 2, but with lovely children like yours, it was a focused learning day. There is no swimming in term 2 or 3 as it is too cold, the kids get sick and we focus on other skills rather than just swimming. We can have a pool Party in Week 10 but no class swimming.

It was wonderful to welcome Mr Andrew Brown who is our new principal. We were fantastic at the powhiri and thought that his past school, Bayview BOT, adults, teachers and pupils were very generous to hand him over to us in such a great way. The singing, speeches, welcomes and hongi all were such a powerful greeting.

Photos have been handed out. They are lovely.

Room 11 2017

Hayley and Emma were chosen to go into the Year 6 writing group.

Emma is representing us in the Children's Literature quiz.

For Maths and after maths for my home class we looked at Mathletics. Goggle mathletics, click on put in your user name and password and off you go with the activities.

For homework I would like the children to go onto the Mathletics site. They all have their passwords and user names and I would love them to sort out their avatar and practice their maths. It is a great site and I showed them places and things they could do and practice today.


Each child will have their own mathletics account which will help their maths so much. It is designed for our NZ curriculum and is a wonderful practice tool.

They can compete with themselves or people from around the world.

Next week it is Book week. We have a huge range of authors coming into talk to us after morning tea.

There is also the book fair where you can buy and donate books for our library.

Hells pizza give away "Book Wheels" that once the children have read  7- 8 books can be traded in for a Hells Pizza.


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