Rapare 13 Paenga-whawha

Thursday 13 April

Today is the last day of school for two weeks.

Thanks to everyone who supplied a fantastic morning tea. The children ate so much and there was even enough for afternoon tea after our pool party.

                                                                           Poi time

Rakau sticks 

Scratch art.

Long poi.


Te Whare and the great learning that goes with it!

When I was away I got Mr Jukes to add to the children's Maori knowledge by studying traditional carvings and drawing these tiki faces.

We finished our butterfly art.They are beautiful and up already.

A karakia before we started to eat.


You guys rock!

Thanks for the delicious feast!

Yum, #Kauri Team for life!

At lunchtime we went to the pool and had fun!

Anshu and Reiya have improved so much with their swimming. Well done!

We practiced with our instruments 

Making great music of their own! Well done Isi and Toa.

Isi and Toa doing their own musical thing. 

Handing over the Student leader badge.

Elliot and Mrs Blundell.

Have a wonderful Easter break.


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