Ramere 7 Paengu- Whawha

Friday 7 April

I am still trying to catch up with the Auckland City Council Pollution team to come and talk to the children about the impact of the flood on the environment. These posters show where the water and pollution from our streets and storm water drains ends up. In our rivers, ocean and estuaries!

We published our explanation writing about the water Cycle so it can go on our diorama.

Sunny Patel, we can’t thanks you enough for mentioning the Search and Rescue/ Civil Defence to Paul Donaldson.

He was fantastic. He gave a brief talk about how Civil Defence monitor situations and then how agencies step in to evacuate or help out. The children were so interested and then he continued about how it was your job to help in all instances. He talked about disasters and situations he had been in and gave interesting examples of how disasters had been help or could have been avoided.

He’d made a slide show and answered questions as they came up which made it so interesting to the children.

At the end he did a quiz, boys vers girls and he managed to have them tie 9 points each. As a reward for being a great lot of learners he gave out a kitset Police car which the children were delighted to have.

He’s going to organize a date for or trip to Civil Defence headquarters which the children are already humming about and lining their parents up to help transport them to and from. This is going to be in Week 2. We'll let you know when it is so you can book the time to take us there. A once in a life opportunity!

Aaliyah and Paul.

Look at the flooding elsewhere. Lucky it's not near us!

The boys and girls prize. Thanks senior Constable Paul Donaldson!

Our prize!

Diorama time.

Our caterpillar infestation!

Spare boxes from our new  hoodies.

"Our cat likes to play in boxes," oh sorry, "My kid likes to play in boxes!"

Spike making his Fanta bottle Water cycle garden. It looks amazing!

James found a piece of wood and inside it was 2 Whitetail spiders and a baby weta. They looked photoed it and released it. They are a protected species. The weta sillies, not the children!

Have a great weekend.


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