Ratu 11 Paenga-whawha

Tuesday 11 April

I am away tomorrow. I have to take Niall to the hospital for a small operation. Mr Jukes will be in and it is Room 17s assembly in the afternoon.

Don't forget a shared morning tea and swim on Thursday.

 This is a swan on the left. Swan plants are named because their seeds look like mini swans.

Release time, boys or girls?

Dopey caterpillar!

For Reading and Written Language today we created a class Kahoot about butterflies.

We had to check on the internet that we had our questions and our answer information correct!

In groups to learn how to do it.

Solving the quiz.

Ben and Matthew from my last years class came to teach us how to do a Kahoot.

1st 2nd 3rd!

Maths was place Value Stage 5 What is  the number of tens and hundreds in a given number.

Try your child on some big numbers. 
For example: What is one more than 203, 999
and What is one less than 651,201

Do they recall the numbers quickly and accurately? This is a Stage 6 number knowledge question.

Music time!
We had our music practice early.

To be at Standard we need to be able to ask and answer questions. Good questions. These were good examples of our four Year 6 questions and our three Year 5 questions.

Thanks guys. James is learning how to do a Kahoot.

Sam used his initiative to shade out the sunlight so we could see the words.


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