Ratu 4 Paeng Whawha

Tuesday 4 April

We had no Te Whare today as there were too many teachers who were ill. We will have it next Thursday instead.

Another chrysalis.

Today we started our Essential Words spelling test to see what essential list words that your child needs to learn in order to improve their writing. We tested list 1,2,3,4,and 5. We have essential list 6 and 7 to complete.

Place value shows the value of each digit depending on where it is positioned.
Can your child read big numbers?
Write big numbers?
Write a number one more or one less than a big number?

eg. what is one less than 342, 900

What is one more than 602, 199

Place Value is a real issue for some students. Can your child do this Stage 5 place value Maths?


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