Rapare 6 Paengu-Whawha

Thursday 6 April
Tomorrow we are going to have Paul Donaldson from the Police Rescue Response team come and talk to us. Thanks to Aaliyah's dad for getting him to come and chat about his job and how we were rescued!

We did Explanation writing today. The Water Cycle is a great tool to help us learn how to write Explanations.  We self and Peer assessed and reflected on whether it was a good explanation. Some of us had to go back and do some improvement writing so it made sense to someone who didn't know the topic.


"The helping table".

Maths was an assessment. Were people ready to move onto place value with thousands and how many tens were in a big number like 489.
Some people are ready for how many 100s are in a big number. eg 592 or 5, 231

Making the smallest number from the cards and the biggest.
Some of us were able to do Thousands and hundreds of thousands.

More runoff over the courts.

We were thrilled with our new hoodies. There will be another order coming out next term.

Mrs Singh came in unexpectedly to see us reading. We were wonderful oral readers, and made good evaluative answers that explained why we though we would not like to be babysat by Mrs Anderson.

For music we talked about the notes.

Playing our instruments.

We had our music lesson in our room today. We were rusty but soon improved!

We still are saving the butterfly population.

Diorama day tomorrow. Wear something old.


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