Rahina 3 Paenga Whawha

Monday 3 April

Don't forget a box for our Water Cycle diorama.

Shore to Shore race.
We have confirmed registrations of 33 participants and Angela our lone staff member, who is competing in the timed run. Huge thanks to you Angela and to all families. I will be picking up packs from Harbour on the 5th Ready to distribute to all participants and families ready for race day. I will also be at the reserve... cooking sausages and distributing iceblocks past race for our NPS Whanau too. If any parents or staff are keen to join me or assist with this, I can be contacted @ tinaw@northcoteprimary.school.nz

For Reading today we drew the Water cycle and Life cycle of a butterfly. As part of being at standard, children need to be able to interpret and read images, maps and diagrams.
Her we are thinking hard and look at how well we did.

We had Success Criteria  from what we recalled to ensure we had it correct.
Title, subtitle, sequence, numbers arrows and the diagram.

Then we rad a story about Porotaka ( windmills).

We tried to make them. Dom, Emma, Elliott, and Cruz all were so successful that they were able to use the flax to make one.

L.I I can follow a diagram and short instructions to make a flax porotaka.

Try it at home.

It looked easy but was very tricky

We released another Monarch today. A boy.

Adam and Elliot making origami animals from a video. More great skills.

For Written Language we talked about simple sentences, Compound sentences, Capitals and fullstops.
We practiced with some really easy ones first and we even got mistakes in these.
We forgot I is like this when referring to myself and names have capitals.

We had library and swimming. We have one last day of swimming in Week 11.


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