Raapa 14 pipiri

Wednesday 14 June

Sorry no blog monday or yesterday as we had a team meeting until 6pm and a late ICT staff meeting Monday.

Today we finished conferencing all the Written Language Information reports.

The success criteria was Title, paragraphs, subtitles, linked information, a diagram, caption and flow chart on your topic, punctuation a rhetorical question, editing improvement writing and publishing onto an A3 paper.

Ralph's is a great example and I am so proud of him.

Kauri has Talent was Tuesday and what a lot of talent we have. Matthew on clarinet

Anton, Noah, Lily dancing

Pippa on the flute just to name a few.

We are planning our advertising campaign. We learnt how to make a poster for our product and what it needs to have audience appeal.

Appeal to you?

Maths today was subtraction. 
L.I. Be fair, be fair.
 or Equal addition.
If you add the same number to each side to make it a tidy number it is easy to subtract in tens.

124- 37=
37+3= 40

Easy peasy.

Our cross country training is humming along. James and Sophie did two km today! Terrific. The rest of us did 3-4 km in the 25 minute time frame. We are fantastic.


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