Rahina 26 Pipiri

Monday 26 June

Wednesday choir is out. Cars are taking the children to the venue.

Cross country is Thursday weather and Council permitting. Year 6 girls are playing netball on the same day.

Last week on Friday we discussed Charlie's playdate. It was held on Saturday to make a sharp point that w are an inclusive community and that people of all types, abilities, ages, stages, colours and religions are part of our North Shore community.

Sunny, Aaliyah, Sia attended to show their support for this family. What a wonderful example of people caring about others.

Here they are with Charlie.

Today we followed verbal instructions and used our memory to make slime. For no reason at all some worked so well, and others were a down and out failure. We showed perseverance and tried again. Some had better luck than others even the second time!

Our fantastic teachers.

Setting up.

Thanks Emma, Lotte, Emily, Lila, and Millie for teaching us.

Thanks Api and family for sharing your Borax. We could't have made slime without you!

Isi and Toa read a book on how to make things from paper. Look what they made. Great reading , understanding and Independence.

Maths was rotation and reflection of geometrical shapes.

Rotation means turning shapes 1/4 , 1/2, 3/ 4 turns left and right.

90 degree, 180 degrees, 360 degrees left and right.

Reflection is making the shape with cubes or shaped so that if you used the mirror, (which we did) and your partner copied your shape, it was reflected exactly back. 


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