Rapare 15 June

Thursday 15 June 

Today we spoke about the power of determination.
We watched an America's got talent  section where Simon Cowell golden buzzered a deaf singer through to the semifinals. She was an amazing example of how determination wins the day.

We also learnt that Logan's mum is an interpreter for the deaf. She showed us the alphabet and a few words in sign language.

Mrs Gregory came to see our drum boys in action and read some information report.

There has been some issues with toys coming to school so this is the official statement from Andrew Brown our Principal on the subject. It is in the newsletter today.

The issue of kids bringing their own toys to school can be a confusing one. I have included here our procedures around this for your information.

Students are allowed to bring their own toys to school under the following conditions:

1.    The toy is small enough to be placed in the child’s bag during class time
2.    Toys brought to school are not allowed in the classroom during learning time
3.    Toys that are taken into class and interrupt learning time will be held by the teacher until uplifted by parents / caregivers
4.    Teachers will not be responsible for the storage or care of toys brought to school
5.    The school cannot accept any liability for damage, loss or replacement of any toy brought to school
I hope this clears up any confusion around toys being brought to school.

Also this has been sent out, just in case you missed it.

June 2017
Dear Parents and Caregivers
Firstly a huge thank you to those who have paid their Parent Contribution to the school. To date we have received 58% of this contribution.
This year the Parent Contribution is $240 per child, the Activity Fee is $70 and Mathletics is $23.
The Parent Contribution is extremely important to the school as it allows us to provide the quality education that we believe your children deserve. The funding provided by the Government to the school covers the basics for the school operations. However, in order to ensure that all of our children reach their full potential, the Board of Trustees have decided it is important to provide reading recovery services, teacher aides and other learning support, this is largely unfunded by the Government. In order to continue to provide the level of education that we have enjoyed at Northcote Primary School, the school relies on Parent Contributions.
The Parent Contribution and the Activity Fee together amounts to less than $7 a week. For those who would prefer to spread the payments, you are welcome to set up automatic payments to the school bank account or make payments term by term.
You can also claim a tax credit on a portion of the money paid. Please go to http://www.ird.govt.nz/income-tax-individual/tax-credits/donations-taxcredits/donations-taxcredits.html for more details.
We do understand that there are some families in our community that simply cannot afford the contribution component. There are also some amazingly helpful families out there who often ask how they can help out. If you are in this position and would like to contribute extra funds for those who cannot, we would be extremely grateful. You can contribute extra funds at the office, to the school bank account or through the school shop, even if you have already paid the parent contribution. Even an additional five dollars will help NPS “go from good to great!”
Yours faithfully
Andrew Brown Principal
Northcote Primary


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