Ratu 6 Pipiri

Tuesday 6 June

Don't forget cross country training is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The date for that is June 28 down at Onepoto Domain starting at 12.30pm we will be walking down and would love parent help to walk with us on the route.

For maths we looked at Roman numerals. Don't forget to continue with Mathletics as part of your self awareness and setting yourself goals1

Today for reading we looked at videos and sorted and classified any information we thought we needed. This is part of the National Standards : to use illustrations, photos, videos, text boxes diagrams, maps, charts and graphs to understand texts.

Look at what we are making in Te Whare. A Maori Pa.

One of my ex pupils Skye came to visit. It was lovely to have her talk to the kids and to tell them what they needed to be successful at Intermediate.

We are proud of our model.

Hayley and Emma L won a book each for entering the Young Authors competition. Hayley made meringue's which were delicious. Thanks so much for that amazing treat!

Her we are focused on skimming and scanning, sorting and categorizing for reading.

Our next Inquiry topic is advertising and the power it holds over us and persuades us to do or buy things.Look at these food stylist tricks! please chat to your children about how advertising affects your choices.

Junk food adverts target children

New research has found that junk food advertising is mainly targeted at children.

The study covered eight days and three channels of New Zealand television. In that time they analysed over 10,000 advertisements, of which about 1800 were for food.

Over two thirds of the food ads were for products which, under World Health Organisation standards, should not be marketed to children.

Nearly 90 percent of them were shown during children’s peak viewing times.

It found one third of unhealthy food advertisements included a promotional character and one third contained a premium offer, like a give-away.

The research was published in the Public Health Nutrition journal.


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