Raapa 21 pipiri

Tuesday 21 June

Cross Country Thursday 29 June  sava 30 June

Rippa is off tomorrow as the forecast is too bad and we don't want to cause any more illnesses than we have already. It will be next week.

Don't forget to ensure your child visits the Mathletics site and practices their maths!

James enjoying his dart hitting Spike.

Testing in class, dangerous!

Our 2 darts. One modified from Samantha's model and one of our our creation.
Which will fly the best?

James came 1st in the flying competition.

Ralph's dart was the best trickster and loped the loop as well as flew a long way!

Dom made a round dart! It flew so well.

we had to present Kauri assembly. Thanks to these guys who came up with the ideas at Cross country running. Mcs, Music, and organizing the acts. Thanks Emma L for reading your amazing story to us, Anshu for presenting his information report, Maggie and James for showing theirs, Dom for talking about our darts, Pippa for talking about our waka. A great job Room 11!

Thanks to our tech angels, Elliot and Adam.

Adam got a bag of treats for his contribution to Rippa.


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