Ratu 20 Pipiri

Tuesday 20 June

If anyone has bits of stuff left over from their home slime making and doesn't need it, could we please have it to have a go at slime in our instructional reading weeks?

Cross country is the 29 June, saver date 30 June. see the notice that came out Monday.

Maths for my class, is subtraction by using the strategy of equal addition or "Be fair, be fair".
If you round the initial number to a tidy ten, then you can easily take away tens and remaining ones.


The Learning intention for reading today was that every time you read you need to bring your prior understanding with you so you can visualize what the author's message is.

The girls on the whole found this tricky as they had little understanding of how a dart was constructed and how to turn the paper.

Although the words were easy, understanding how to make, do, construct the dart was hard.
The boys on the other hand bought heaps to the task and had no difficulty. It's the same in reading stories and chapter books. You have to visualize, and make connections with what you are reading to understand what the words could be or what the text is about, or what are the difficult concepts involved in the text.

Hard at work making sense of things.

We found, throwing style, wind direction, angles and how well they were made all influenced the flight of the dart.

Testing. Tomorrow we will modify our instructions to see if we can improve things. 

Ralph managed to keep his dry for ages!

Captains of the future Team NZ boats!

It was great fun!

Blowing our waka

Some needed rescuing.


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