Ratu 28 pipiri

Tuesday 29 June

Cross country tomorrow. It will be wet and muddy. See you at school, ready to go FAST!

What a monumental day yesterday was. Talk about a David and Goliath result.

It was amazing and such a tribute to honesty, truth, hope and determnination.

I was so entranced by the events 5am was a small price to pay for such brilliance. This morning I felt as if something was missing however looking at the newspaper headlines, I can see the fun is just about to start again!

Down and out.

What images. I just wanted to capture the joy that a nation felt! 

We all had a great day at the rippa  tournament. The weather was perfect and the children fantastic. Thanks to all the parents that helped out. You were stars. Thanks to to Mrs Bartlett for all her hard work organizing the day.We won all games bar one which pleased the coaches and children. I loved their Kiwi humble attitude, play hard, win in a humble way.

Eli was the only injury, poor thing.

Thanks to the parents that came and helped.

Our reading was a story called The Tohunga. These were what we thought the "reptilian creature" ( a metaphor for the earthquake) could look like.

Te Whare today was finishing our Maori pa.

Thanks Mr Jukes! Te Whare is such fun!

It's nearly done!


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