Ramere 16 Pipiri

Friday 16 June

Today was fun Friday, Touch with Sam, spinners, "Go home stay home" ...

Thanks FONS for getting our cute messaged hoodies. Mine says # Kauri Team for life.

Spike had trouble but showed determination and ended up smiling!

Isi and Toa reading Kapa haka.

A happy Spike with a spinner and Guess who?

Adam and Elliot finished their information Report to a great standard. Well done boys!

and presenting our information reports to our peers. We gave feedback as if we were doing our speeches.

We had to use a clear loud voice, expression and hand gestures, breaks so people could understand what we were saying, and make our information interesting to the listener.

Next week is Matariki and we will be focusing on that and our Information report on someone that we think is an interesting person. It could be a sports person, famous person, boxer, movie star, singer etc.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'm off to the rugby! Go the mighty All Blacks!


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