Raapa 26 Hongongoi

Wednesday 26 July

Thanks to the parents who have popped in or are going to pop in to visit and discuss your gorgeous child. It's lovely to see you.

If it has been tricky to fit seeing me I am more than happy to catch up at another time that suits you.

Sam made me a wonderful tiara. Here he is modeling it! As I was Princess Robyn, I consequently knighted him Sir Sam!

Emma sent in photos of her monarch caterpillar Jefferina! I am impressed her caterpillars Beetroot and Jefferina are still alive.

Fitness was on the climbing frames developing our upper body strength.

Go monkeys, go!

Ask your child about the "Mystery of the broken egg".

We wrote about how it got there, then we found out the real reason and "cracked up". See Olivia for details, eh guys!

For maths we were solving the unknown number in the multiplying equation , 

When we were finished and had used our times tables sheets to check them we went onto doing mathletics. 

? X 5=50
4 X ?= 16
3 X 4 =?

My Python were learning a strategy to double a number.
Double 10= 20
double 14- ?

Morning tea and lunch time design.Well done Cruz, Sam, James, and Ben.


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