Ratu 1 Here turi koka

Tuesday 1 August

 After the Great egg mystery Logan decided she would try to be a responsible baby sitter and mind her egg at school. It's name is "Shelly" ( haha).
Anyway she has done a great job and Shelly has gone home intact! Well done Logan. You were determined that it should survive and it has!

The Whinerays looked like they had a wonderful time down the mountain. Your photos made it just come to life!

Emma showed us photos of her fantastic trip to South Africa. I'll put up some of the amazing photos she took after her sister uses the memory stick.

Today for writing we used some of the famous Authors starting videos to encourage us to think creatively about writing a narrative. The children just loved thinking, talking and using their imaginations.

Gold and hidden treasure.

Hemi started his own lawn mowing business and got rich!

Dom's narrative.

Emma's narrative.

Maths today in Room 11 was using our place value knowledge to double big numbers.
364 doubled is
600+120+8= 728

We struggled making large numbers  eg. 342,601 and making one more and one less than this number.

You can see what these boys  thought.

Today the NED show came to school.
Never give up, encourage, be determined.
These match our "learner qualities to help children be the best learners they can be.

Aaliyah was chosen by the host and her answer was so good she won a yoyo and a crazy brain firework hat!

The kids want yoyos. Here are the prices. Please do not be bustled into them. They need all the NED qualities to stop them being just another gadget/ fidget spinner type craze.


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