Rahina 24 Hongongoi

Monday 24 July

It was was lovely having everyone back. There seems to have been lots of fun and lots of bugs that have laid families low.

Today we started our inquiry topic by asking questions about animals that we wanted to know the answer to.

Interviews are Wednesday and Thursday. If this doesn't suit, please feel free to make another time with me.

I apologize for the reports not coming home today, The envelops were buried on my desk and I only discovered them at 3pm, They will come home tomorrow.

What can we do to keep happy and healthy at playtime and lunch time in term 3?

Computer list.

Card games.

We came up with these ideas to keep busy whenthe playground is wet and muddy.

We started our Inquiry with reading and listening about true animal rescue stories.

 Times tables knowledge is a MUST this Term. please use the Mathletics site and practice your skills.

This came home for home/ school learning.

Putting up our Inquiry questions on our "Wondering Wall".

We had our library session in our room reading lots of lovely books about animals.

We all had things we wanted to know about.

We had so many questions we had to use the glass on the door.


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