Ratu 25 Hongongoi

Tuesday 25 July

Thanks to the parents who offered to help at the zoo. We have our quota so thanks!

A reminder school finishes early tomorrow for parent teacher discussions.

Look at Eva's gymnastic medals.

We had a discussion about Daffodil Day which is August 25th. We sorted our groups, what activity we wanted to do and designed our draft poster for our activity. Please can you discuss this huge event with your child.

I've tried to keep things simple and manageable but sometimes the children once they have conferenced with me get carried away. Please chat to them and help them make it fun and affordable.

 Our groups.

Maths today for my class are stage 5 strategies. Doubles of numbers such as 12, 20, 23, 29, 38

And Multiplication.

Practicing tables on Mathletics. It's great fun!

Working out the unknown ?

We learnt how to play the card Times Tables game with cards.

This is our next tables game.

Isi and Toa started a big "You Tube" focus after they read about the first animal and people in space. We watched Neil Armstrong land on the moon, discussed conspiracy theories, watched the last flight of Discovery Space shuttle and found space websites we want to return to.

Wet day monitors are done. Lets hope it stays dry! We chose a room to help out in and a buddy to assist us with the children having fun but staying safe.

Maggie and Elliot were amazing helping out at PMP with the juniors today. The PMP teacher was really impressed with their polite manners, patience, kindness and willingness to get the children making the most from the  lesson.


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