Rapare 27 Hongongoi

Thursday 27 July

If you have old, spare unused things the kids could do at lunch and morning tea, that you would not need back again, could you bring them in so the children have something to entertain themselves with? We would really appreciate it!

Learning our times tables in maths and learning to double a number.

Maths today was doubles. There are 2 strategies.

Double 6 is 5+1=6

Double 14
14= 10+4

Double 78

Thanks Emma for our little African animals.

Elliot made this puppet at puppet class in Orewa.

Our Learner qualities help make us be the best learner we can be!

Todays reading was about an otter called Clyde who lived at the Auckland Zoo and who kept escaping!We compared and contrasted this to make connections between Nitro the Tiger and Clyde.

Bay blade day in room 11 at morning tea and lunch time.

We have a computer roster.

We play cards.

We use the games Mrs Dixon has.

SSR . Silent Reading is helping us read chapter books and sustaining the meaning of the book over several days.

Isi  reading a Matariki book with me

Toa reading Manu and the tekoteko.

Thanks Emma for your gorgeous bead animals.

Look at what Sophie got from her Chinese home-stay.Cute!


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