Ramere 28 Hongongoi

Friday 28 July

Have a chat to your child about what they have in mind for Daffodil day. Is this manageable for your family?

We start badminton next week for P.E.

Next Friday 4 July the Year 6's go to NIS to see their Showcase. Sheridan and  I will be going with the children.

Today we looked at the games I have at school and i bought in my Mobilo. Do you have anything that can help make wet days exciting at NPS?

Year 5 Cross country winners.

Year 6 cross cuntry winners.

Year 6

Anton came 1st in the year 6 Cross Country.

Year 5

Year 5
Look how well Room 11 did. We had heaps of winners. The Inter School Competition is on...

Here are our new Student  Leaders. well done all of you!


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