Ratu 4 hongongoi

Tuesday 4 July

On Friday before Whanau groups at 10.30am we would like ( in keeping with Maori tradition ) to have a shared morning tea /kai. Look out for a note from your child.

Our slime shop.Woohoo!! We totally sold out of slime and made $342.00 for the Red Cross. It was a great example of the power of great advertising, which is what our Inquiry this term was all about.

Today was our slime selling day. Ask your child about it.

Te Whare is so much fun. We are well on track to finish our Maori Pa.

Today at Whanau group, Rua were wonderful!

When we finished our string games and fortune tellers we played with the potaka ( spinning tops).

                                           We loved our day with year 2,3,4,5, and 6!

Good grief James, Where did you go?

This afternoon we completed our famous people information reports to present them to a group on Thursday.

Our slime advertisment assessment is nearly done and we will be showing you those tomorrow.


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