Raapa 22 Hui-tanguru

Wednesday 22 February

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Thanks room 15 for the first great NPS Assembly. 

You have done so much learning!

James lost his tooth at Assembly. I wonder if the fairies will come toninght?

Look out for the cool hoodies. $45 and they look stunning!

Showing off the new look. Thanks guys.

The base of the resource room and Staff room is taking shape.

Photos are happening on March 2. 

Maths in Room 11 was which was the smallest fraction.
1/2 or 1/3

What fraction has been coloured?

and new learning ... There are 10 sweets in a bag. I give half to my friend Emma, I have ? left.
Answer 5 because 5 + 5 = 10
10- 5 = 5

The 1/2 sign means that the sweets are shared equally between me and Emma and so that is why the 2 is the denominator.

The 1 means I am getting one of the two groups hense 1 /2.

We did more examples of this with trickier numbers.

Today we read the legend Maui and the sun.

We found we could tell the story using three key ideas.

1. The sun went  too fast and there was no time to do everything.

2. Maui caught the sun in a net.

3 He held it until it promised to go slowly.

We are learning to get or "keyideas" down to help us plan and work out what are the important parts of our writing.

Look at these cuties. They needed a photo to go with their published poem. You can read them on Thursday, 


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