Ratu 14 Hui- tanguru

Tuesday 14 February

Today we went out to Camp Hunua.

Camp Hunua

Class dorms

The field

Dish washing

Hunua falls

Spotlight country

Lunch time at NPS


Kennex is just great!

Game of life

Connect 4

Last card


Happy Valentines day.

Artists at work

We read "Scaredy Squirrel" and discussed how we need to feel our fears and to see what we are really capable of. I was terrified and did a sky jump from 13,000 feet and was thrilled at my ability to conquer my nerves and do something really exciting.

Have you read this? We can bring togs as we are doing a water slide

Have you filled out and returned the medical health cmp form?


Congratulations to the following Library Competition winners:

                                   John                      Room 13
                                   Millie                    Room 4
                                   Mason                  Room 17
                                   Thomas                Room 1


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