Raapa 1 Poutu-te-rangi

Wednesday 1 March

Is there a parent or two who can help with a couple of hours on the Monday of camp week to come with us to the Birkenhead leisure centre to make up the ratio? It is Monday 9.30 to 2pm. Email me if you can please.

Tents please tomorrow!

Today was the stressful job of arranging activity groups and sleeping arrangements for camp. We have done that with a few shuffles to be done no doubt as children who are away, return to school.

Camp meeting is tonight in the hall.

Maths was a focus on children practicing their times tables. It is a must that they do this as part of their home learning. To be at stage 6 the children need to know all their tables. Fractions, multiplication, division are all dependant on tables basic fact knowledge. Please  do your best to have  your children confident at them over the next three months.

We looked at why the D.O.C are sending us scrubbing brushes and a blue mat containing a special liquid to camp. The clue was kauri and children quickly found out about Kauri die-back and what it was. We will be continuing with that for the rest of the week.

They have to skim and scan, take notes and work as a group to make a tiny visual snippet of the bush and life that will be up in the Hunua ranges and how little things can impact on our environment.

Here are the amazing cricket girls with their trophy. Brilliant!


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