Rapare 2 Hui-tanguru

Thursday 2 February

Today was eventful.

We were busy with our learning and the contractors popped a water-main on the school grounds. We got out the water bottles, put the hand sanitizer in an obvious place and hoped they would have it repaired as quickly as possible ( which they did).

This afternoon we had a meeting that laid out the protocols of how to deal with these types of unforeseen events. With the school being 99 years old, these pipes can be a mystery as to where and what shape they are in. Luckily Jo Gregory our acting principal is well versed in the Health and safety rules and liaises with the Ministry of Education so all is efficiently responded to!

We finished our Name tag to show what sort of learner we are. I laminated them so they stay tidy and are durable. They look great!

We tried to learn peoples names by doing a "Bingo" task. Have a look in their bag for the sheet. It was fun asking people the questions.

James drew and dictated his best experience in the holidays!

The rope swing and fishing were fabulous fun!

Our kete and the Taonga ( treasures ) that we possess were finished. Some of us were responsible, some were honest and some were kind and that was just the tip of the Taonga we came up with.
Ask your child what theirs was.

We learnt the correct way that the Kauri team sets out their literacy books. What a great job we did of that learning.

After lunch we come in and read to teach us to sustain reading for 10 minutes. It took us a while to settle to reading so you can help by having us read at home for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, 4 dys a week!

To practice our Essential skills: relating to others and co-operation, we played Wink Murder, and Beat Detective. It's fun and makes us into a great team and helps us meet people we may be too shy to relate to.

Where did the day go?


  1. Wow, what a fun and busy day. I hope you all had lots of fun and enjoyed yourselves.


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