Rahina 27 Hui- tanguru

Monday 27  February

Tomorrow I am taking 8 children to Takapuna cricket club for a tournament. There is a reliever in Rm 11. Please ensure your child has dark shorts, white top, shoes, hat food and drink for the day.

Thursday  2nd is the day we practice putting up our tents at 11.30am on the bottom field. Parents are welcome to come and help.

With the lead up to camp we had the St Johns school based instructor come in to work with our children. They gained a lot of basic first aide knowledge that will aid them when they go to camp where they will practice their skills.

Here they are practicing rolling a parent over to ensure they don't choke on their vomit.

Ask what these letters stand for. Doctors AB and sometimes C.

                                                     Mac teaching them what to do for a ...

What do you do when your friend has a...

Nosebleed first aide has change too.

For Written Language we had to use our creativity to draw the key ideas for each injury. It was tricky working out how to draw "run under cold water for 20 minutes".

Constable Harwood came in to talk to us about keeping ourselves safe and what to do if approached by someone you don't know. 

If in doubt, yell for help and get OUT!

Mrs Bartlett put up a tab. Sam completed it and then we found out how it could be used for equivalent fractions chart.

1/2 =2/ 4= 3/8= 5/ 10

2/3= 4/ 6= 6/ 9 etc.

Good job Sam!

Year 5 National Standards for reading.

Our staff meeting was on National Standards and the differences between Year 4 and Year 6

Year 4.

Diving from a sitting position and starting to freestyle fast across the pool.

We  did Pair teaching and goodness how people improved with some feedback from our buddy!


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